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Outlook Search Helper (aka: OSHPlugin) is a powerful outlook plugin (supports office version 2007 and 2010), which do much better job on email searching and email address auto-complete and email address book auto-building.

Lightning speed Email Search

OSHPlugin provides you with the fastest email searching experience. Whenever you need to find an Email by keywords, by names or by email address, it always gives you the most accurate results within lightning speed.

Intelligent Email Address Auto-complete

Each email you received or sent is examined by OSHPlugin, and all address in the email is recorded automatically, which forms the growing and up-to-date address book.

These auto collected email is weighed automatically based on communication frenquency using intelligent arithmetic, and this intelligent arithmetic will generate an address book which fit your needs most.

Email Address Book Export

OSHPlugin build an intelligent email address book automatically, with exporting feature, you can export the address book to an Excel file. Then you can process it or import it to other program or device such as your mobile phone or laptop, etc.

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